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With the Nora V2, we carried over the complex machining and angular design of V1, then sprinkled in a bit of OCD/ bike nerdery. With the rise of short offset forks, our latest rendition of the Nora required further fine tuning. 32mm is the shortest you can make a stem before needing black magic to make a 35mm bar fit. With this as our starting point, we increased the stem length in 5mm increments. It just so happens that these lengths match the fork offsets of 37mm and 42mm nicely. A lot of bike brands with modern geometry bikes recommend running a stem as close to your fork offset as possible to maintain the best steering characteristics. We took the fudging out of the equation and got straight to the point. 


  • Fully CNC'ed from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • 35mm Clamp Diameter
  • 32mm, 37mm, or 42mm Length
  • Onyx, Gun Metal, and Umber 
  • 0º Rise
  • 40mm Stack Height
  • 132g (32mm) | 142g (37mm) | 150g (42mm)
  • Lifetime Crash Replacement

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