A Letter from Nolan

If you've stumbled upon this website during a quest for info regarding Christopher Nolan's film Tenet, or you're looking for a new set of bars and thought to yourself "Wow that logo looks quite similar to that movies logo", this page is designed to clear the air. 

In 2017, I started conceptualizing this brand idea. During my quest for a name, I knew I wanted a palindrome and landed on the word Tenet. I initially thought that I had simply made up a word, but after a quick google search, realized that it actually had a meaning that aligned with my vision. 

ten·et /ˈtenət/ :  a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of an idea or philosophy. something worthy of living or dying for.

On June 1st, 2018 I officially launched Tenet. It was a hell of a lot of work and I finally made a life long dream become a reality. Since then I have made baby steps to get this company where it is today. Even the smallest amount of recognition from my peers took years of hard work to obtain. So when I saw the logo for Nolan’s new film, my heart sank. I feared the worst, what if people stumbling across my brand thought to themselves “Why would I support a brand that rips off block buster movie logos?”? After the film was officially launched, I started getting messages from friends and peers in support of my brand. I knew I had to get ahead of the curve and posted this instagram post…

This caught the attention of Pinkbike, who graciously reached out for comment on the matter. These comments can be seen here...


Later that day, I received a call from Warner Brothers, they informed me that they had something they needed to send over and asked for my email. Fearing the worst, they then sent this...

"Dear Tyler,
Warners just showed me the logo for your company, so I wanted to reach out directly and reassure you that our logo was arrived at without reference to yours. I know this because I designed ours myself, evolving it over the last six years, driven by a fascination with the symmetries of a word which is central to my story and its themes. I thought I’d done something unique - but clearly you were driven by the same creative impulse. I guess lightning can strike twice, and obviously I understand that you would not want anyone thinking that you had been inspired by our movie’s title treatment - feel free to quote me in shooting such misunderstandings down. I love our logo so I hope you won’t feel this is necessary, but if you like, I can stop using it since it seems you went public with yours first. 
Yours respectfully.
Chris Nolan"


Since receiving this letter, I have been in communication with WB regarding the next steps to amicably resolve the matter. I would like to note that I greatly appreciate Mr. Nolans effort to personally address my concerns and I look forward to a resolution that both parties are satisfied with.